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In 2005 when Gail Gavrill (my wife) left South Africa to set up the sales function of Eden Island (Seychelles), this “Jewel in the Indian Ocean” was relatively unknown to international property investors while Mauritius continued to be the obvious choice.

With the launch of Eden Island and its massive global marketing campaign, the Seychelles as a holiday and investment destination “sprang into life” with well over 200 apartments, Maisons and villas having been sold in a matter of three years – unheard of investment money poured into the country from all over the world – we estimate that in excess of 40% of these sales were made to South Africans.


Life in the Seychelles is like being on a permanent holiday – provided that lazing under palm trees, swimming in tropical temperature crystal clear water and basking in weather that rarely drops below 25 degrees is your type of thing! Don’t expect first world shopping centres, late night entertainment and Gucci shops on each street corner. Granitic mountains, snow white sand, hotels suitable for royalty and over 115 islands to choose from make this truly Paradise on earth.   Some islands are uninhabited, some Robinson Crusoe types and some so exclusive (and expensive) you cannot even moor your mega yacht and land your dingy on their shores! Friendly, educated and highly welcoming locals ensure any time spent in the Seychelles will remain a memory forever!


No question, of all the habitable Indian Ocean islands Mauritius offers the most convenient living style particularly for South Africans who feel totally at home with most of the major chain stores present, a first world banking infrastructure, impressive beaches, resorts and investment properties in abundance. Our exposure to Mauritius enables us to cherry pick the most suitable property investments for our clients where again not being beholden to any specific project allows us to be completely unbiased – solid investment being key to our service offering. Benefits include an extremely low crime rate, no capital gains tax, no withholding tax, residency options, one of the fastest growing African economies and opening an offshore company for non- residents is a breeze.


Quay Heights is ideally nestled at the entrance of the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis on the edge of a river and amidst a lush green tropical garden, between the ocean and mountains.

Ease of access is one of the big advantages Mauritius has …

Over the years many investors were sadly disappointed by developers offering the world and never delivering -but thanks to the MIB (Mauritius Investment Board) no developer may proceed without their approval which guarantees investors that their funds are completely safe in the event that a project never sees the light of day. Every part of Mauritius offers a distinctly different lifestyle. Grande Baie area on the west coast is always in great demand being close to most of the amenities but then Black River in the south has its own distinct advantages – as does the east coast where prime developments such as Villas val Riche with its spectacular golf course draws golfers from all around the world.  In the north one finds residential investment opportunities in abundance – again being “neutral”, allows us the opportunity to be totally objective in advising our clients where best to invest depending on their needs.

Easy access is one of the big advantages Mauritius has over the other islands with international flights out of Africa, the UAE and Europe coming in daily.

Not as beautiful as the Seychelles or the Maldives but certainly a far easier place to live if being close to most first world creature comforts is required.


A trip to the Maldives is similar to a visit to a truly “other- worldly” location where sea planes are the common means of transport carrying visitors to their reclusive palatial residences and resorts of choice.

Peppered all over the myriads of atolls – none higher than 2.4 meters or so above sea level, lie water bungalows perched above the crystal blue sea. Sadly properties here are not priced for “entry-level” investors it must be said.

Male’ the capital is essentially the point of entry with most visitors missing out on the wonderful historic places of interest to visit, choosing rather to get to their destinations as soon as possible – destinations such as the ultra- luxurious residences or magnificent villas at Soneva Fushi or Soneva Jani springing immediately to mind. The Maldives is expensive by European standards and is only now starting to promote itself as a property investment destination for the future. We seriously advise our clients not to overlook opportunities we have on offer in this magnificent country (if finances permit) as we have some prize investments on offer.


Zil Pasyon, managed by multi-awarded Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, comprises a few private residences at the pinnacle of Félicité Island in the Seychelles. Collectors of distinctive homes will enjoy the Creole lifestyle of sun and sea worship, fishing, diving, sailing and bird-watching.

We are not aware of any independent real estate grouping able to access virtually every significant property investment in the Indian Ocean Islands in order to offer objective investment advice based on “hands on” experience  gleaned over more than 25 years.

Over the past ten years the infrastructure in the Seychelles has been upgraded substantially growing in tandem with the ever- increasing new developments springing up not only on the mainland, but on the outer islands as well. With a stable government tax- free investment opportunities and residency available to most purchasers the Seychelles must be a serious contender for foreign property investment

Of late the Maldives has started rivalling Mauritius and the Seychelles for investment dollars with property offerings of the very highest order.


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Life in the Seychelles is like being on a permanent holiday – provided that lazing under palm trees, swimming in tropical temperature crystal clear water and basking in weather that rarely drops below 25 degrees is your type of thing!

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